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Sustaining an injury results in more than just physical discomfort – you may also face mounting medical bills, emotional difficulties, and a loss of enjoyment of life. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you need experienced attorneys who are dedicated to helping you overcome any obstacles you face. Since 1975, MeehanLaw, LLC has represented individuals throughout the Bridgeport, Connecticut area in personal injury actions that seek financial compensation for the harm they’ve suffered. Our attorneys are committed to pursuing justice in your case so that you can move forward with confidence.
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Connecticut attorneys committed to helping you heal

Regardless of the type of personal injury you’ve suffered, from dog bites to traumatic brain injury, our professional and attentive attorneys will press for the compensation you need to fully address your losses. We draw on extensive experience representing the people of Bridgeport who’ve been injured through these and other circumstances:
  • Auto accidents — No matter how safely you drive, you can’t account for the negligence of other drivers. If you’ve suffered an injury in an auto accident, even if you bear some responsibility, we can help you obtain fair compensation from insurers for medical expenses, wage loss and other damages. We also represent victims of motorcycle, recreational boating, and pedestrian accidents.
  • Slip and fall incidents — It’s a property owner’s responsibility to maintain the safety of their premises. If you’ve sustained a slip and fall injury due to a hazard on someone else’s property, we can help you seek justice thorough a premises liability action.
  • Medical malpractice — You put your trust in medical professionals to provide treatment that meets an accepted standard of care, but if their negligence violated that trust and you were injured as a result, you have a right to seek damages. We represent victims of medical malpractice to hold doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals and medical facilities accountable. Our firm also handles dental malpractice cases.
  • Wrongful death — Nothing is more devastating than losing a loved one to negligent or reckless conduct. We can assist the executor or administrator of the decedent’s estate in bringing a wrongful death action that seeks a measure of justice in the form of compensation.
For these and other types of personal injury cases, it’s important to act promptly: Connecticut places a statute of limitations on injury claims, which means that, in most cases, you must file within two years of the date of the injury event. We offer a free consultation to explain your options so that you can get the information you need to make an informed decision.

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No matter what kind of personal injury you’ve sustained in Connecticut, our attorneys with MeehanLaw, LLC can help you get the compensation you deserve — and help you take the first steps in moving forward. Contact us online or call 203-290-1006 to schedule your free initial consultation at our Bridgeport office.
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